In association with our community partners, SASCC is at the forefront of building an Age-Friendly world—one that unites our West Valley community across all generations.

An Age-Friendly world enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. It is a place that makes it easy for older people to stay connected to people that are important to them.
— World Health Organization

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Age-Friendly Initiative

The Community of Saratoga is built upon the premise of compassion and connection with others which benefits the lives of all community members across generations. It has been shown that the quality of our relationships lengthens our lives – strong social connections have been linked to a 50% increase in longevity of life. Creating a roadmap for becoming more age friendly across all generations is a task that has been taken up with passion throughout our community.

As one of the 15 Cities within the County of Santa Clara, Saratoga has one of the largest percentages of older adult residents in the County. As our community ages, they need more support in a variety of areas – including transportation, medical care, nutritional services, and social activities. As a result, ongoing Age friendly initiatives for the community of Saratoga will continue to be an emphasis.



Saratoga Age-Friendly Commission


Lisa Oakley
Saratoga Age Friendly Chairperson
SASCC, Board Chairperson

Manny Cappello
Mayor - City of Saratoga

James Lindsay
City Manager - City of Saratoga

John Cherbone
Director of Public Works - City of Saratoga

Debbie Pedro
Director of Community Development - City of Saratoga

Tylor Taylor
SASCC, Executive Director
Santa Clara County Senior Care Commission

Rich Urena
Saratoga Captain - Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department

Gina Cali
Santa Clara County Fire – Education Services

Kathy Schuda
SASCC Board Member
Santa Clara County Senior Care Commission


Fabrice Rockich
OPTM Physical Therapy President
SASCC Board Member

Terry Ward
Saratoga Parks and Recreation Commission

Rick Pearce
Saratoga Parks and Recreation Commission

Annapurna Dandu
Saratoga Library - Supervising Librarian

Ketan Jashapara
Saratoga Chamber of Commerce - Chairperson

Rev. Kathleen A. Crowe, Deacon
SASCC Board Member Episcopal Chaplain - San Jose State St. Andrews Deacon (Retired)

Brian Safine
Saratoga High School, Assistant Principal

Cathie Thermond
Saratoga HS Drama Saratoga Rotarian Community Volunteer

Erik Swanson
Saratoga Ministerial Association Chair
Pastor at West Hope Presbyterian